Friday, August 14, 2009

Valuebux problems - "no payment method available at this moment"

i'm just a standard member and i've got problem when request payment @ valuebux..

"no payment method available at this moment"

i need to know why i can't request it so i read the forum..:

"Hello Admin,
I'm standart member
I has reached $ 11 ,..., how I can get my payment...? Angry Angry

and they said:

"you will have to wait for funds to become available in Alertpay. And the cash out option is available. If you have enough money to become Elite, I'd say to do that. It's your BEST best to getting paid a lot faster on this site."

"This is to try to help those who are non-Elites. You won't get the extreme benefits Elites get but I will try to help you. I know you have problems and you don't deserve to be left out. I had one message stating that he cannot purchase referrals using PayPal which he really wants to get referrals. He wants to become Elite but only gets an average of $6/month (I think that's what he meant). He is afraid of losing $2 but he wants to request payout and get paid like Elites or everybody else. That's only fair right? I will see what I can do for situations like this who are hurting and don't deserve that from this site. Thanks.

Becoming Elite is pretty much the "only" way to go right now, but I might make a "stepping stone" to get better stabled with this site until you are ready to invest (and have proper funds) to become Elite. This solution might be a "temporary" one only however.

Also, I received many (putting it lightly) people that want to become Elite but don't have funds in PayPal (they have funds in Liberty Reserve and AlertPay). They pretty much want to get Elite membership right now. I want to help you as well. They want to benefit from success that current Elites are having also. I will talk to admin to see what we can set up for you guys as well. Thanks."


now i'm worried..when i will get paid?!

become an elite?! no way i just have $5,18 in my balance..i'm not an idiot to pay $8 for $5..

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First PO from Palmbux

i've got an instant payment from palmbux..

thank you are really cool :D!!

cashout fee >> paypal 4%, alertpay 10%

my palmbux payment proof :

if u like please register as my referral : qishi87


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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Got my 1st payment on neobux

i've got an instant payment from neobux..requested today and received today..

go go neobux :D

click here to join neobux!

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