Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My 1st PO from

a blog comment who judge that shorttask is a scam:
Short Task is a scam site run by Harrison Barnes, a person widely discussed as running other scam sites. Short Task was designed after Harrison Barnes was formally prohibited from using Amazon’s mTurk site because he repeatedly violated its terms of use. He copied mTurk and uses the site to get people to help promote his other scam sites by paying them a few pennies to post positive comments about his site. Every single task that I reviewed was designed to help raise his google rankings. Harrison Barnes also deceives users by making it look like the tasks are requested by diferent people but all are likely fake names. Worst of all, you won’t get paid until you hit fifty dollars in your account but at a few pennies per task it is almost impossible to ever hit the target. STAY AWAY FROM SHORT TASK!!!!!

but it's not true..i've got my first PO from shorttask:

well..let me tell you something about shorttask..
ShortTask is a marketplace for tasks, aiming to match-make “solvers” and “seekers”: people who have time to complete brief tasks and people who need small tasks completed.
In many ways, ShortTask is similar to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk) service. Like MTurk, ShortTask is seeking to address tasks that aren’t large enough to necessitate the hiring of a contractor or part-time employee. This marketplace is largely oriented around activities that can be completed from home — ideal for web workers — and currently numbers around 61,000 available tasks.
Activities include transcribing audio and video files, annotating images, copywriting, commenting on blog posts or online forums, data entry and online research. Seekers simply publish a task, set a payment level and deadline. Solvers can explore the site and select the tasks they’d like to complete. ShortTask takes a 10 percent commission on each transaction.

My review:
( + ) minimum payout reduce from $50 into $20 and now only $10 >> 3-4 days
( + ) many available tasks
( - ) working by yourself (no referral system)

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